Happy Holiday

Almost people in the world like a traveling but many people unknown being a real it. The most important to make real is saving the money and make a plan first. If you can’t to save bit money, credit card is the last way.

Traveling is moving from routine activity going to other place never been before. We can do it with family or friends.  Have much knowledge from the destination of traveling will be a wise human in world look.

Many places in the world has the cultural living uniquely with other country. So we can learn about that and the impact is we can known and respect each other. But don’t leave of traditional cultural by own country.

The traveling can be help of economical local resident with tourism. Because they can sold kind of traditional handcraft to traveler as souvenir or sold of local food.  Even though not local people all to feel of grow up of tourism economical. But for other people has a change.

Traveling will be change of mindset many people but don’t be worry about it because has many thing of positive value. Actually have a learning by doing for example is confident about other country language and learn being survival. Happy Holiday.

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