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Liburan Murah di Singapore

Salah satu negara yang berada di kawasan Asia Tenggara dan memiliki magnet pariwisata bagi wisatawan dari penjuru dunia apalagi bagi wisatawan yang berasal dari Indonesia. Karena hanya dengan waktu tempuh penerbangan sekitar 1 jam dari Jakarta, wisatawan dari Indonesia sudah bisa  merasakan liburan di luar negeri. Dan terbantu dengan harga tiket pesawat dari Jakarta ke Singapore yang masih tergolong murah di bandingkan dengan harga tiket dari Jakarta ke Denpasar sehingga banyak wisatawan dari Indonesia memilih Singapore di bandingakan liburan ke dalam  negeri. Harga promo tiket pesawat untuk perjalanan pulang pergi terkadang bisa kisaran Rp 660,000. Tetapi harga tiket akan berbanding terbalik dengan harga penginapan dan harga makanan. Meskipun begitu kita bisa mensiasati dengan membawa makanan dari Jakarta karena jika ingin memilih penginapan murah alternatifnya adalah sewa apartement yang pastinya ada fasiltas dapur sehingga kita bisa masak sendiri atau tidak bisa makan di restauran…

K22 Bar at Fairmont Hotel Jakarta

Bar with view city skyline is popular place in capital city and one of kind a hotel attractiveness. The Fairmont Jakarta hotel a present of K22 Bar located at 22th floor. With two choice in outdoor or indoor place is possibility the guest feel comfort zone. In outdoor we can choice to smoking area or non smoking area. For price is same like with bar hotel range Rp 60.000 for juice and snack excluding ppn and service charge. The best time for visit is the time of sun set because we can look red sky behind building and golf field in town.
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Sunset Behind Non Smoking Outdoor Area
Sunset Behind Golf Field
Sunset Behind Golf Field
City View on Evening
Smoking Outdoor Area
Green Tea
Night View
Night View
Green Tea

Question About Holiday

What is the definition of holiday?, many suggestion by personal for to talk about this. Because holiday is free your self as human even your are worker or professional in business. The question about holiday is always out if a friends or family have a holiday to somewhere. At first question is how a rich you are? in my wrote this time I want to share about holiday my version : 
1. Place
    Why?, because the place is most the important to arrange cost as along as holiday payment like transport,
    eat, accomodation and lifestyle of local people.

2. Holiday Intrest
    Many people afraid to make some a planing of holiday by self because don't to know about intrest.
    The second is are depend about accomodation and tour choices.

3. With Who
    Holiday is memeories. Don't  let memories is gone and un meaning aftter party. The choice partner is
    urgently if we are is as one of private, but if backpacker we are is usualy good communication with new

4. Accomodati…

Short Holiday in Mercure Hotel Alam Sutera

Holiday is should not go to other city or country, because holiday is your time. If you stay in big city we can choice hotel for alternative holiday because many hotel has facilities what you want. Mercure Hotel Alam Sutera is best choice if you stay near in Tangerang.

Lobby Hotel
Hotel Lounge
Free rent bicycle
Lift hotel
Isle Hotel
Superior Room
Superior Room
Superior Bathroom
Superior Bathroom
Superior Toiletry
Siperior room free mini bar
Superior room free mini bar
Pool bar
Sport corner
Pool Bar
Swomming pool

Serai Restaurant

Seafood Salad
Carrot Cream Soup
Grill Chicken Steak with Mongolian Sauce and Vegetables
Fried Roll Durian

Puspamaya Hotel Tangerang

Weekend style