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Question About Holiday

What is the definition of holiday?, many suggestion by personal for to talk about this. Because holiday is free your self as human even your are worker or professional in business. The question about holiday is always out if a friends or family have a holiday to somewhere. At first question is how a rich you are? in my wrote this time I want to share about holiday my version : 
1. Place
    Why?, because the place is most the important to arrange cost as along as holiday payment like transport,
    eat, accomodation and lifestyle of local people.

2. Holiday Intrest
    Many people afraid to make some a planing of holiday by self because don't to know about intrest.
    The second is are depend about accomodation and tour choices.

3. With Who
    Holiday is memeories. Don't  let memories is gone and un meaning aftter party. The choice partner is
    urgently if we are is as one of private, but if backpacker we are is usualy good communication with new

4. Accomodati…