Camp in Bali

When travel in Bali what the tourists want it?. Bali is the one of island in Indonesia with more tourist attraction than others. For accommodation Bali have a many choice, Kuta area is familiar for backpacker but is so crowded of tourist. If want the thematic of accommodation Seminyak and Ubud is was popular.

I'm choice Seminyak area because many famous bar & lounge on side of the beach. Bali has two glamour tent, the one in Ubud but expensive and the one in Seminyak. Airbnb is the best choice for traveler to look thematic accomodation in the world.

Have three tent and two bathroom is one of the point, but if you scary with dog is not recommended because the tent beside local home, so many dog out there. At the night the tent is cool and peacefull enviroment on the day is hot in tent but we can sunbathing on the grass.

The tent near with La Laguna Beach Bar and Lounge, we can rent motorcycle to getting there or order online transportation because more fast if the cross way of rice field. And the important host is helpfull. 

Travelling is not just find new place but feel the journey.

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